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Assuming things continue as they have been, in 100 or so years, mankind will likely accept the holistic, unified mindbodyspirit system and directly address the underlying cause of illness. By then, science will have “proven” the existence of soul to its satisfaction and in sufficient degree that the establishment will communicate the findings to the media. This will enable “the great middle classs” to self-care and self-heal and provide guaranteed health without fear. Until then, trust in the Force and continue Full Wave Breathing–as an exercise it heals; as a practice, it transforms.

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Breathing Exercises Benefit Everything
BE     BE
Physical Energy; Emotional Calm; Mental Clarity; Spiritual Awareness
‘Sudden Enlightenment’ means precisely the immediate apperception of all that in fact we are. ‘Enlightenment’ is ‘sudden’ only because it is not in ‘time’ (subject to sequential duration). It is re-integration in intemporality.
What would happen if you made enlightenment your intention with your next FullWave Breathing Session?
Facilitator Training? See Our Announcement in March.
Erectile Dysfunction?  in his weekly newsletter (douglassfreport.com) Dr. Douglass puts it simply Obesity, stress, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease have all been known to lead to problems in the sack, and the best way to get all your parts working right again is to get yourself healthy.
I Am an optimist. I begin each morning after blessing the day with 10 FullWave Breaths by reading over 40 newsletters and on-line magazines looking for the stories of how humans are contributing to a positive and sustainable future. Those stories are there AND youl have to look for them since the media is mostly a revealing of the negative perspective.
Looking for Positive news? Check out www.odemagazine.com and read their stories of people making a significant difference in our world. There You can see how the new future is being built with less about the dismantling or collapse of the old.

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What’s to say when you’ve said it all,
Told the story to end the fall,
Each event is it blessed or passing thru
The choice left to me and you.
I’ve said it all, about how to BE,
The question asked most often of me.
Breathe and intend, judgments suspend,
Make it easy, no tale to spin,
No big happening, only breathe and be
Wrote books saying it, totaling three
What would love do at this point in time?
Call upon the connection Divine,
The answer lies inside the heart,
Then you breathe so you feel that part,
And to recharge, reenergize and renew,
Allowing fresh perspective to come into view,
Relaxes and harmonizes all cells as One,
Confers immunity from Life’s humdrum,
Tension and plaguing bacterial surround,
An oasis inside where health is found,
Forget the history, the drama untold,
Simply start breathing let the joy unfold.
Yes, it’s an exercise you’ll continue to do,
If you want the best available you.
Breathe at your pace and fully engage,
Maybe you find the Inner Sage,
The part that you were intended to play,
It could happen, even today.
If fully oxygenated your mindbody would be.
The thing you need for you to see
How to proceed and what to do,
To engage the most loveable you
Become the Inner Work at your pace
Expand fully the loving space.
Keep Breathing!

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One of the primary purposes behind Full-Wave Breathing as it has become to be known is Gnosis—a clear and immediate experience and intuitive realization of the pure essence, nature and energy of Divinity as it flows within oneself and all of creation. Gnosis, as it is used by International Breath Institute founder Dr. Tom Goode, places primary value on the feminine qualities of receptivity and intuition, visionary experience and the art of health. Gnosis, like the use of FullWave Breathing is a teaching of love, selflessness, harmony and communion. From a Gnositic viewpoint, the answers to life can only be found when one opens to the divine current and allows oneself to be penetrated by it to the point where you are full transformed and illuminated by it.

I write this year for an aspect of your personality and that, perhaps unspoken, part of  you who live your “spiritual life” as an agent of caring and kindness in your world.

You are like other readers who live their lives, care for their mindbody units and those of others, and may go thru their body “things”– including maintenance, discomfort and inconvenience. There are easier ways to manage the mindbody system and I teach them to those who are interested in their own health and that of the members of their community.

My Self-appointed task is to make your life easier. Its my way of supporting you and your contribution to improving life on the planet and the human life process. I do it because it pleases me to have healthier and more joyful people around. Thus I remind you to breathe, intend health (anything else is just dis-ease) and live fully from your heart’s awareness.

My communication is for the express purpose of enhancing your well-being during 2010. And I’ll suggest exercises for mindbody health.

One of the most powerful exercises I experienced was to ask myself, “How wouId I  act if everyone in the world was my child, I his or her parent.?”  Practice this with the people in your life—even just a few times–and see what happens.

As you think about it, breathe that idea (of seeing everyone you encounter throughout the day as your children) and the way it feels using fullwave, nostril breathing. Relax fully on the exhale and continue with connected breathing.

Next, practice applying the perspective throughout the day. Keep breathing!

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One thing I knew from the beginning was the importance of breathing. You did too. Every child has played with breath holding and inwardly knows the connection between breathing and life. Then, we close ourselves off over time and set ourselves up for life-long sickness and disease. People would automatically boost their health with a self-love session of FullWave Breathing. The time given to the health of the body is an act of self-love that benefits all aspects of life.

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What do hugs, chocolate and FullWave Breathing have in common? All three produce oxytocin—the warm and fuzzy, we’re connected chemical. This “bonding hormone makes us feel secure and loved. Have a quickie with FullWave Breathing at any time throughout your day and you will feel better. Humming works too, tho requiring more effort

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By Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D.

Effective communication is the foundation for all satisfactory
relationships.  Daily communication is the only activity that has been
found to be common to all satisfying marital relationships.  Truthful
communication is the basis for the development of “basic trust” (the
primary emotion for healthy parent/child relationships).  Most all
leaders are gifted communicators.  Without successful communication,
we don’t become fully human.  Our language skills are what separates
us from all other species.

By the time we become adults, most of us have experienced (or have
personally developed) barriers to effective communication.  These
barriers distort/prevent our communication abilities.  Here are some
of the most common barriers to effective communication.

PASSIVITY. Communication requires energy. It requires initiation and
responsiveness. If you remain passive, communication is slow at best.

DOMINANCE. If you dominate the communication process, it becomes a
“one-way street”, and prevents responses. Domination may be by words,
behavior, tone, threat, perceived authority, or manipulation.

INAPPROPRIATE SELF-DISCLOSURE. Talking about yourself rather than
responding from yourself, usually changes the subject or focus of the

INTERROGATION OR GRILLING. Protecting yourself from meaningful
contact by any one of the following patterns:

 a.  Internal taboo against crying (emotional expression).
 b.  Talking exclusively about safe topics.
 c.  Avoiding your own uncomfortable issues.
 d.  Offering false reassurance.
 e.  Emotionally detaching from the topic or person.
 f.  Intellectualization (a common favorite).

USING CRUDE LANGUAGE. May be powerful, but usually turns others off.

USING JARGON. Using words that belong exclusively to your area of
expertise… “legalese”, medicalese,” or “psychologese.”

MORALIZING OR ADMONISHING. Imposing your own value judgments on
another’s verbalizations or telling another that s/he or the ideas are
wrong, bad, etc.

PATRONIZING. Condescending words, tone, or behavior as if you were
talking to a person of less value than yourself always makes the other
feel defensive and blocks communication.

INEPT CONFRONTATION. Arguing or being dogmatic in your language or

PRESSURE TACTICS. Using threat, implied or explicit, to persuade the
other regarding the topic.

INSENSITIVITY TO FEELINGS. Being callous or unaware of your own
feelings as well as the other to whom you are communicating.

As you may have noted from all the above, there are many and varied
behaviors that hinder skillful communication.  As you become more
aware of such barriers, you have the opportunity to avoid engaging in

In a future column, I will list a number of behaviors that
enhance/strengthen effective communication.


Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D. has 30+ years experience as a Life Coach and
Licensed Psychologist.  He is available for coaching in any area
presented in “Practical Life Coaching” (formerly “Practical
Psychology”).  Initial coaching sessions are free.  E-mail: DrLloyd@CreatingLeaders.com or LJTDAT@aol.com.

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