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On your life journey of self-discovery and realization, enlightened living embraces and balances your holistic or mindbodyspirit system. Life improves on all levels.

  • Your body feels and looks better.
  • Your thinking becomes clearer.
  • Your mood improves.
  • Your sense of connection increases.
  • Your identity changes
  • You trust and rely upon your inner knowing.
  • You become someone who does know.

I have developed a program and a plan that will take you deeper inside to realize your answers and beneficially live from them. I walk along with you and guide your journey. Call me for an introductory session–during business hours–at 817-847-8216. I’ll help you train your brain to ease your pain.


In today’s world, you’ll see a lot of advertisements for beauty makeovers, pamper days and the like. That’s great for the body, but how about a makeover for the mind and spirit?

That’s what I imagine it will feel like to the lucky person who wins a wonderful contest being offered by coach Patrick Ryan, author of the upcoming book Awakened Wisdom: a Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance, which is coming to Amazon on Tuesday April 20, 2010.

As part of the celebration of the launch of the book, Patrick is giving away a $3000 “Awakened Wisdom Experience” (AWE) to one person. The AWE-some Grand Prize includes 4 private 1-to-1 personal coaching sessions with Patrick, a personally signed copy of the book Awakened Wisdom AND 2 free VIP passes to attend his 3-day Awakened Wisdom Workshop anywhere in the world.

Patrick is a world renowned executive coach, leadership trainer and spiritual teacher. For more than three decades, he has studied and practiced the way of an awakened life with spiritual masters and indigenous teachers all over the planet, and even served as a Buddhist monk in a monastery in Burma. His depth of spiritual knowledge, combined with his natural, down-to-earth personality, make him both a powerful and accessible coach and teacher.

Anyone who receives this exceptional prize should ready for a complete “inner beauty” makeover. And remember: there are TWO free passes to the Awakened Wisdom workshop, which means you can share this gift with a friend or loved one.

To enter the AWE contest, you only need to answer one question:

“What will you give the world when you reclaim your brilliance?”

A great question, don’t you think?

To enter, you must submit your answer to this question BEFORE April 9th. To get started, go to:http://www.awakenedwisdom.com/Public/Amazon/booklaunch/index.cfm

To qualify, you will be asked to sign up for a “launch reminder” for Patrick’s book, Awakened Wisdom first. As soon as you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to a page with a link to the contest entry page.

A list of semi-finalists will be announced on April 12th. The Grand Prize winner will be decided by public vote (so be sure to get your friends and family on board to support you!).


Even if you don’t want to enter the contest, do please check out Patrick’s book Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance on that same page. If you scroll down on that page, you’ll see that dozens of authors, coaches, entrepreneurs and spiritual teachers have come together to celebrate the launch of this profound and practical book, by giving away over 40 very special gifts to anyone who buys the book on April 20. And I am one of them!

To everyone who buys Patrick’s book, I will be giving away two e-books called Fully Alive and The Art & Science of Coaching Parents as well as three podcasts on how your intuition can help you be healthy . I hope you like them.

Best of luck to all of you who enter the contest. Please keep me posted if you win, so I can announce it in my upcoming newsletter. I’d also love to hear your answers to this great question!

Assuming things continue as they have been, in 100 or so years, mankind will likely accept the holistic, unified mindbodyspirit system and directly address the underlying cause of illness. By then, science will have “proven” the existence of soul to its satisfaction and in sufficient degree that the establishment will communicate the findings to the media. This will enable “the great middle classs” to self-care and self-heal and provide guaranteed health without fear. Until then, trust in the Force and continue Full Wave Breathing–as an exercise it heals; as a practice, it transforms.

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Breathing Exercises Benefit Everything
BE     BE
Physical Energy; Emotional Calm; Mental Clarity; Spiritual Awareness
‘Sudden Enlightenment’ means precisely the immediate apperception of all that in fact we are. ‘Enlightenment’ is ‘sudden’ only because it is not in ‘time’ (subject to sequential duration). It is re-integration in intemporality.
What would happen if you made enlightenment your intention with your next FullWave Breathing Session?
Facilitator Training? See Our Announcement in March.
Erectile Dysfunction?  in his weekly newsletter (douglassfreport.com) Dr. Douglass puts it simply Obesity, stress, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease have all been known to lead to problems in the sack, and the best way to get all your parts working right again is to get yourself healthy.
I Am an optimist. I begin each morning after blessing the day with 10 FullWave Breaths by reading over 40 newsletters and on-line magazines looking for the stories of how humans are contributing to a positive and sustainable future. Those stories are there AND youl have to look for them since the media is mostly a revealing of the negative perspective.
Looking for Positive news? Check out www.odemagazine.com and read their stories of people making a significant difference in our world. There You can see how the new future is being built with less about the dismantling or collapse of the old.

I wanted you to have this special invitation to a truly exciting event in which I am participating. I have been asked to be one of 18 leading names in the world ofmind-body-spirit writing and publishing for a week of FR*EE webcasts, Feb 22-26 to celebrate the Grand Opening of the brand new “Spirit Authors” website. Topics throughout the week cover everything from starting your book, to promotion, to publishing and beyond. Our VIP panel include number-1 authors, book promotion experts, publishers, ghostwriters, campaign managers and even a top literary agent, all with a mind-body-spirit focus. Whether you’re experienced author, a brand new author, or someone who is still dreaming of writing an inspirational book some day, I think you’ll want to register for all 5 of these FR*EE webcasts. Hope to see you there!

Presenting an exciting NEW concept on the Internet, combining coaching, learning, community and business-building in a creative, spirit-based environment…

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On the broadcasts, you will…

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Who are our VIPs?
Go to http://www.spiritauthors.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=106_1and find out.

Can’t make it to the live broadcasts?

No problem! Register for the webcasts you want, and you will receive a link to download the MP3 after the event. But don’t leave it too long before you listen to them… we’ll be giving away some freebies that will be available only during the week of the Grand Opening launch.

Whether you’re experienced author, a brand new author, or someone who is dreaming of the possibility of writing an inspirational book some day, I think you’ll want to check out all 5 of these FR*EE webcasts.

I’m really looking forward to the event, and to getting to speak with all these fascinating people. I hope to see you there too.

Air pollution, specifically that from automobile exhaust, can reduce a child’s IQ, even from exposure in utero. Research has already implicated PAH exposure as a cause of cancer and also cause of damage the neurological and reproductive systems. PAHs result from are produced by the burning of fossil fuels and other organic materials. The major source of PAH pollution in urban areas is automobile exhaust.

Read full story…http://www.naturalnews.com/028094_air_pollution_intelligence.html

What’s to say when you’ve said it all,
Told the story to end the fall,
Each event is it blessed or passing thru
The choice left to me and you.
I’ve said it all, about how to BE,
The question asked most often of me.
Breathe and intend, judgments suspend,
Make it easy, no tale to spin,
No big happening, only breathe and be
Wrote books saying it, totaling three
What would love do at this point in time?
Call upon the connection Divine,
The answer lies inside the heart,
Then you breathe so you feel that part,
And to recharge, reenergize and renew,
Allowing fresh perspective to come into view,
Relaxes and harmonizes all cells as One,
Confers immunity from Life’s humdrum,
Tension and plaguing bacterial surround,
An oasis inside where health is found,
Forget the history, the drama untold,
Simply start breathing let the joy unfold.
Yes, it’s an exercise you’ll continue to do,
If you want the best available you.
Breathe at your pace and fully engage,
Maybe you find the Inner Sage,
The part that you were intended to play,
It could happen, even today.
If fully oxygenated your mindbody would be.
The thing you need for you to see
How to proceed and what to do,
To engage the most loveable you
Become the Inner Work at your pace
Expand fully the loving space.
Keep Breathing!