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Special Article on Money and Abundance


Dr. Tom Goode

Money is anything that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. If you have a great deal of if, you are considered to be rich: (affluence, abundance, ampleness, bounty, copiousness, fortune, myriad, opulence, plenitude, plenty, plethora, profusion, prosperity, prosperousness, successful, thriving, riches, thriving, wealth, fortune, good circumstances, easy circumstances; independence; solvency., provision, livelihood, maintenance; alimony, dowry; means, resources, substance; property; command of money, income; capital, money; treasure).
Then there is what we really have: Fiat Money.

Fiat money is that which a government declares to be legal tender, even though it has no intrinsic value and is not backed by reserves like gold and silver. The value of this fiat money depends upon how well an economy can produce concrete things and services that people want. This is why printing new money cannot ever create wealth for a country. 
Money is valuable because we want it and we want it only because it can get us a desired product or service. When we have enough of it, we usually think of ourselves as abundant. Of all the definitions of abundance, I like the one Bashar gives us:
“Abundance is the ability to do anything you need to do when you need to do it; trusting that what is happening takes place for the purpose of your abundant expansion and soul’s unfoldment as part of the process brought on by your desires as cocreator.” 

So rather than money—an idea–let’s continue to focus on abundance. We do this because when money is determined to be the only door through which abundance can enter, then the door closes. When all manner of abundance is perceived to be equally, (according to Abraham) Abundance comes through the path of lease resistance. Or as A would also suggest, an exclusive focus on money is automatically a focus on not money.

“Two new research papers argue that money can buy life satisfaction, but not happy feelings — and that earnings beyond $75,000 a year don’t buy a lot more happiness. (And)…above a certain level of stable income, people’s emotional well-being is constrained by other factors in their temperament and their life circumstances.”


Let’s use the term Abundance to take advantage of the association with MONEY that most people have with the word. By utilizing this phrase it is intended that the teachers of breath would be able to reach to, assist and enable those for whom it would be of benefit. 
{I confess, I didn’t know how difficult it would be for people to follow 3 steps to better breathing: Abdomen* Belly*Chest.}
So I am going to take another approach. I am going to teach you the Abundance Breath. This is a special Bonus for you and not in “the best book you have yet to read”: Breathe and Grow Rich. www.breatheandgrowrichbook.com}


Surrounding us is Life Force energy. In the Abundance Breath, you breathe in an abundance of this self-intelligent force that knows exactly where to go for the greatest benefit in each individual mindbodyspirit system.

1. Open Mouth and begin to inhale, stretching and using muscular action to direct the lower abdomen and pubic arch forward and allowing the lungs to fill from the bottom; 2. With mouth still open, use muscular action to stretch the ribs in the back and below the sternum as your inhale deepens and your back begins to stretch; 3. With mouth still open, use muscular action to stretch your spine, chest and neck in a upward direction; 4. When reaching a fully stretched position, Relax, allowing the muscles to soften, and all of the cells, all of the organs and even the glands, to relax. There is nothing to think about. There are no plans. There are no regrets. There is only the Abundant Life Force entering the body and integrating as you breathe and relax. Repeat, stretching and expanding as you inhale, allowing the muscles to go soft as the body exhales.

Start with 10 Abundance Breaths in the morning; again in the evening and throughout the day. Increase the number of breaths in each set and the number of sets depending Upon How Much Abundance You Desire

Will you get more MONEY as a result of performing this exercise? Not necessarily and you will be a great deal more comfortable and energetic while you are attracting, manifesting or enjoying it. Perform the Abundance Breath with the feeling of abundance. How would you feel IF you were Fully Abundant? Breathe that feeling in repeatedly and see what happens. Breathe like you already were abundant…repeatedly.

Link to Quotations and Affirmations: http://bit.ly/91izkY


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Almost all medical professionals agree that obesity, and its
damaging affects on our bodies, is the major health problem in our
society today.  However, obesity is not the only illness impacted by
what you eat and how much you eat.  “…almost every major medical
condition you can think of is either caused or affected in some way by
what you eat.”  Physician, Isadore Rosenfeld, Clinical Professor of
Medicine at New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center and attending
physician at both the New York Hospital and Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Cancer Center, wrote those words in his book, “Doctor, What Should I
Eat?”  His book addresses the food factors contributing to, or the
healing of, over 65 diseases ranging from acne to yeast infections.

What you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, how well you burn up
what you eat and how effectively you rid yourself of the waste created
by that burning, all can affect your physical, mental and emotional
state.  When was the last time you looked at your grocery cart to see
what poisons you are feeding your family?  When have you looked at
your grocer and asked for medicinal foods?  When has your family
doctor taken you to the supermarket and shown you which foods to buy
and how to read labels?  Sound preposterous?  Not to Dr. Rosenfeld.

In answer to such questions, Rosenfeld goes on to write, “But does
your doctor give you prescriptions to bring to your pharmacist
[grocer] specifying what drugs you need and how to take them? You bet!
That’s what doctors do best.  They give you medication–and they
should–because many drugs are lifesaving.  However, that’s not
enough.  Proper medical care should also include advice about the
right foods to eat to help you prevent illness as well as to help cure
it.  There should be no contest or confrontation between diet and
medication; it is not a matter of either/or.  Too many nutrition
enthusiasts and holistic practitioners decry the use of pharmacologic
agents, while `traditional’ doctors don’t pay enough attention to the
importance of your diet.

Practically all psychological disorders are influenced by what you
eat.  Anxiety, depression, thinking disorders, sexual disorders, sleep
disorders, eating disorders, and an array of classical “mental”
disorders are affected by what you put into your stomach.  Many times,
the cure for such disorders lies right under your nose…your mouth.
Have you ever taken a course in nutritional medicine?  In all
probability, neither has your doctor.

Nutrition is a required course in only 25 percent of medical
schools.  It remains an elective in the rest.  Rosenfeld goes on to
say, “…that’s not enough to really get into the subject or to
impress future doctors with its [nutritional medicine’s] importance.
So over the years, the medical establishment has left the matter of
diet to health food enthusiasts, many of whom they view as `nuts.'”

Even those physicians who are aware of the impact of food on our
health, rarely provide nutritional guidance because according to Dr.
Rosenfeld, “the `system” punishes them for doing so.  “…You won’t
even find a place on your insurance claim form to record the time
spent by your doctor explaining the importance of lifestyle, exercise,
weight loss, alcohol and substance abuse, birth control—and
nutrition.”  But doctors are paid well by insurance companies for
taking a few moments to lance a boil or remove a cinder from your eye.

Every one of the past 6 Surgeons General of the U.S. has reported
that 85 percent of the illnesses for which we seek medical treatment
“are lifestyle-related.”  According to the Center for Disease Control
and Prevention, 75 percent of all cancers are preventable; 85 percent
of cardiovascular disease is preventable; obesity accounts for over 60
percent of our health problems; and the primary factors in 8 out of
the 10 top killers of  both men and women in the U.S. is “poor
diet/exercise.”  How do we, as health professionals, treat your
lifestyle?  We can’t! Only you can modify what you eat, how much you
eat, and whether or not you move your body.

Rosenfeld concludes: “I am an `establishment’ physician, and I use
every effective medication at my disposal to treat the sick.  …I
focus on nutrition to help you work with your doctor, with a
nutritionist if necessary, and maybe even with your grocer, to make
sure that what you eat is good for you.”

In the recent “health-care” bill, there is a provision for insurance
companies to pay for “preventative health care.”  Now, we have no
excuses for remaining ignorant about what foods prevent illnesses.
Not only can we prevent the onset of a lot of problems, we can also
strongly affect our healing and overall wellness.  Probably the best
way to address the “health-care crisis” in America, is for each of us
to take full responsibility for staying well.  And when we do become
sick, learn what foods we might eat and what physician-prescribed
medications to take, which maximize our chances of healing quickly.


Dr. Thomas is a licensed psychologist, author, speaker, and life
coach.  He serves on the faculty of the International University of
Professional Studies. He recently co-authored (with Patrick Williams)
the book: “Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills and
Techniques for Enhancing Your Practice…and Your Life!” (W.W. Norton
2005) It is available at your local bookstore or on Amazon.com.

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Assuming things continue as they have been, in 100 or so years, mankind will likely accept the holistic, unified mindbodyspirit system and directly address the underlying cause of illness. By then, science will have “proven” the existence of soul to its satisfaction and in sufficient degree that the establishment will communicate the findings to the media. This will enable “the great middle classs” to self-care and self-heal and provide guaranteed health without fear. Until then, trust in the Force and continue Full Wave Breathing–as an exercise it heals; as a practice, it transforms.

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Breathing Exercises Benefit Everything
BE     BE
Physical Energy; Emotional Calm; Mental Clarity; Spiritual Awareness
‘Sudden Enlightenment’ means precisely the immediate apperception of all that in fact we are. ‘Enlightenment’ is ‘sudden’ only because it is not in ‘time’ (subject to sequential duration). It is re-integration in intemporality.
What would happen if you made enlightenment your intention with your next FullWave Breathing Session?
Facilitator Training? See Our Announcement in March.
Erectile Dysfunction?  in his weekly newsletter (douglassfreport.com) Dr. Douglass puts it simply Obesity, stress, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease have all been known to lead to problems in the sack, and the best way to get all your parts working right again is to get yourself healthy.
I Am an optimist. I begin each morning after blessing the day with 10 FullWave Breaths by reading over 40 newsletters and on-line magazines looking for the stories of how humans are contributing to a positive and sustainable future. Those stories are there AND youl have to look for them since the media is mostly a revealing of the negative perspective.
Looking for Positive news? Check out www.odemagazine.com and read their stories of people making a significant difference in our world. There You can see how the new future is being built with less about the dismantling or collapse of the old.

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Air pollution, specifically that from automobile exhaust, can reduce a child’s IQ, even from exposure in utero. Research has already implicated PAH exposure as a cause of cancer and also cause of damage the neurological and reproductive systems. PAHs result from are produced by the burning of fossil fuels and other organic materials. The major source of PAH pollution in urban areas is automobile exhaust.

Read full story…http://www.naturalnews.com/028094_air_pollution_intelligence.html

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What’s to say when you’ve said it all,
Told the story to end the fall,
Each event is it blessed or passing thru
The choice left to me and you.
I’ve said it all, about how to BE,
The question asked most often of me.
Breathe and intend, judgments suspend,
Make it easy, no tale to spin,
No big happening, only breathe and be
Wrote books saying it, totaling three
What would love do at this point in time?
Call upon the connection Divine,
The answer lies inside the heart,
Then you breathe so you feel that part,
And to recharge, reenergize and renew,
Allowing fresh perspective to come into view,
Relaxes and harmonizes all cells as One,
Confers immunity from Life’s humdrum,
Tension and plaguing bacterial surround,
An oasis inside where health is found,
Forget the history, the drama untold,
Simply start breathing let the joy unfold.
Yes, it’s an exercise you’ll continue to do,
If you want the best available you.
Breathe at your pace and fully engage,
Maybe you find the Inner Sage,
The part that you were intended to play,
It could happen, even today.
If fully oxygenated your mindbody would be.
The thing you need for you to see
How to proceed and what to do,
To engage the most loveable you
Become the Inner Work at your pace
Expand fully the loving space.
Keep Breathing!

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One of the primary purposes behind Full-Wave Breathing as it has become to be known is Gnosis—a clear and immediate experience and intuitive realization of the pure essence, nature and energy of Divinity as it flows within oneself and all of creation. Gnosis, as it is used by International Breath Institute founder Dr. Tom Goode, places primary value on the feminine qualities of receptivity and intuition, visionary experience and the art of health. Gnosis, like the use of FullWave Breathing is a teaching of love, selflessness, harmony and communion. From a Gnositic viewpoint, the answers to life can only be found when one opens to the divine current and allows oneself to be penetrated by it to the point where you are full transformed and illuminated by it.

I write this year for an aspect of your personality and that, perhaps unspoken, part of  you who live your “spiritual life” as an agent of caring and kindness in your world.

You are like other readers who live their lives, care for their mindbody units and those of others, and may go thru their body “things”– including maintenance, discomfort and inconvenience. There are easier ways to manage the mindbody system and I teach them to those who are interested in their own health and that of the members of their community.

My Self-appointed task is to make your life easier. Its my way of supporting you and your contribution to improving life on the planet and the human life process. I do it because it pleases me to have healthier and more joyful people around. Thus I remind you to breathe, intend health (anything else is just dis-ease) and live fully from your heart’s awareness.

My communication is for the express purpose of enhancing your well-being during 2010. And I’ll suggest exercises for mindbody health.

One of the most powerful exercises I experienced was to ask myself, “How wouId I  act if everyone in the world was my child, I his or her parent.?”  Practice this with the people in your life—even just a few times–and see what happens.

As you think about it, breathe that idea (of seeing everyone you encounter throughout the day as your children) and the way it feels using fullwave, nostril breathing. Relax fully on the exhale and continue with connected breathing.

Next, practice applying the perspective throughout the day. Keep breathing!

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